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Create a Blog

Pertama GoBlog - Most people still think that office workers bring a lot of coffers of money, but in fact this is not always the case.

Especially for a school operator, who is in the office (school) almost every day and time.

Nowadays, you can make money on the sidelines of working with data without even having to work in an office or school.

You can also work from home, of course by working at home the working hours are more flexible.

You also don't need to spend gas money to go to the office. Save money, right?

How to? The way is quite easy, namely by utilizing the skills you have.

You can take advantage of your skills by writing on a privately owned site, namely a blog.

One of the skills that you can use is WRITING.

If the blog you create is interesting and well-known, you can also earn money from it.

Looks interesting doesn't it, then how do you create a free blog and make money?

Take it easy, in this article we will discuss how to create a free blog and make money.

How to create a blog

You must have often heard the word 'blog', right? Whether when surfing the internet or when talking with friends.

You could say blogs already have a big enough role in the lifestyle and trends of today's society.

Blogs accommodate various professions, ranging from those who just write to those who make blogs their main livelihood.

This positive fact certainly stimulates your curiosity: how, anyway, how to create a blog?

In the previous article All About Blogs and Still About Blogs, we have discussed at length about blogs, please read on.

In this article, we will discuss how to create a blog with the platform.

Currently there are many sites to register a blog. Interestingly, creating a blog is free of charge or free.

Some free blogging sites such as Blogspot, Medium, Tumblr, WordPress and the latest

However, from some of the sites above, the Blogspot site is the most frequently used by bloggers.

How to create a free blog and make money using Blogspot. Besides being free, Blogspot has interesting Google-original features such as Adwords, Adsenses, and Analytics.

Here's how to create a free blog and make money that is easy to practice.

  • Open a browser page then type the address in the website address column.

Pict. 1

  • After the page appears you can click on the create your blog button to start creating a new blog.
  • Create an account with email. Then you can write down your email address and password to create a new account on your blogspot.
  • After logging in to your account you will be directed to fill out a profile on your blog.
  • On the profile page, you can go directly to the dashboard. On this dashboard page you can write the title and address of the blog. Then click create blog.
  • The next step you will go to the dashboard to set up the blog and also write the contents of your blog. Then you can click publish when you have finished writing the blog content.

Pict. 2
  • Finally, if you want to see how your posts will look on your blog, you can click visit blog or type in the address of the blog you created. Your blog has been successfully created.

To note, before and after you create a blog, there are some tips on creating a blog so that in the future you can be successful. Among others are:

  • Define a Niche. The role of the niche is very crucial in creating a blog. Therefore, do not be in a hurry to determine it. It is recommended to do some research first. One way to create an interesting blog is to review topics you like. You enjoy doing it more and the results will also be better. Audiences will feel satisfied every time they read your posts.
  • Niche is a topic or area that is the main focus of your blog. For example, you work as a School Operator. So, niche blogs will tend to talk about the world of data collection. Because the topic of the data collection world is very broad, look for something specific. You can review the Data Collection Application (Dapodik) or just about tips and tricks.
  • Choose Web Hosting. A blogging platform is a software or service for publishing blogs and their content. There are two types of platforms, namely free platforms and self-hosted platforms. Beginners who want to know how to create a free and easy blog can choose a free platform. However, like a free service, this platform has limitations and rules that must be adhered to. In addition to using the platform subdomain behind the blog's URL (, you also cannot remove or disable ads installed on the blog. Inevitably you have to accept the existence of this ad even though it is not in accordance with the concept of the blog or even cannot be cashed. If you want more freedom in controlling your ads as well as URLs, it is recommended to create a blog on a self-hosted platform.
  • Registering a Domain Name. The unique URL address that each website has is called a domain name. Since the domain name determines the success of your blog, there are many things to consider.
  • Publishing Content and Building a Blog. Create informative and useful content for your target audience. Never publish content that you don't master or you don't have time to research or learn more about. As a blogger, of course you hope that readers will continue to visit your blog. Apart from ensuring quality content, you also have to be creative. To make it interesting, add photos, graphics, or other visual media that match your writing style to the content or posts. Activate the comment field on each post so readers can communicate virtually with you. Ask for opinions or suggestions and criticism about posts or what they want to read later on your blog.
  • When creating content, don't immediately expect the blog to be crowded. One post takes a long time to appear on the start page of a search engine like Google. However, this should not dampen your spirits. Keep making quality posts. Little by little, build a blog that offers solutions for its readers.
  • Promoting Blogs. Because the appearance of posts on the front page of Google takes a long time, the existence of your blog becomes difficult to know. One way to make your blog known to many people and reach the right audience is to promote it. You can read the article on how to promote a blog here.

Make Money Through Blog

The first step for your blog to make money is, you must be consistent to upload content on your personal blog.

Make your writing / content as interesting as possible so that your personal blog has a lot of traffic or visitors.

In addition to being a place to channel opinions and share information, blogs can also be a main or side source of income.

Approximately, how, yes, how to make a blog that makes money? Here's the explanation:

Become an Ad Publisher

An ad publisher is someone who places an ad on a web page that someone owns. One of the services that bloggers usually use is Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is an advertising network provided by Google. For website owners, they can place ads from Google on their websites.

Every click you get will be accumulated into money which can later be disbursed.

Choose ads that are specific and relevant to the target audience or according to the topic being written.

Reviewing Specific Products

In this one way, the cool term is endorsement. Owners of certain brands will send products or offer services that bloggers can enjoy for free. In fact, not a few bloggers are paid to review it on the blog.

Brand owners themselves prefer to choose bloggers because the reviews of bloggers are more natural. 

Reviews on blogs look more soft-selling than advertisements in mass media.

Become a Brand Ambassador

Furthermore, the brand is now not only targeting celebrities on television as brand ambassadors. In fact, bloggers are an attractive choice for brands.

The image of bloggers who are still "ordinary people" makes readers more influenced to use the brand used by the blogger. 

Usually, readers often look for bloggers' reviews about certain brands.

Affiliate Program

Through this program, you will work with businesses to promote their products and services.

Later you will get a commission. To join this program, your blog must have high and credible traffic.

As an affiliate, you will be given an affiliate link to post or include on the blog.

Sponsored Posts

If the blog is already crowded, the opportunity for other parties to place ads on your blog is wide open.

The purpose of placing ads on high-traffic blogs is to increase exposure.

Payment will be based on how many times the post was clicked, number of visits, or transactions.

Turning a Blog Into an Online Portfolio

If you have good writing skills, turn your blog into a site that provides writing services.

You can also hold online workshops on writing or offer yourself as a freelance writer.

Thus an explanation of how to create a free blog and make money that you can practice.

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