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To Speed Up Website

Pertama GoBlog - The speed of a website is the primary thing that can attract potential customers or visitors.

Moreover, if the website is safe and always reliable.

However, how?

Through this short article, we will look at how to increase the speed of a website easily, starting with using it, the reasons why we need to have a fast website.

Facing today's fast-paced era, everyone wants something interesting but can be obtained quickly and easily.

If you are unable to fulfill at least 2 (two) of these conditions, your business may not be as smooth as you want it to be.

Given that a website is one of the primary elements to reach customers or visitors to increase sales (if the website is an online business website) or rating or traffic, it is clear that we need a website that is smooth and safe so that when visitors to a website we do a purchase, they feel safe and helped without experiencing significant problems.

This is the key that can make it easier for us to have a higher website speed. 

Whoever you are, when it comes to how to speed up your website, you don't need to be an IT expert to be able to run it.

What we need means hope to learn, plugins/tools to manage a website, and internet access.

Here below, we will briefly discuss how to speed up a website one by one.

Website Theme

We also need to choose an appropriate theme in order to prevent slow page loading times. 

Using a responsive and light but permanent website theme that looks slick. Adjust the theme in using the purpose of a website.

Hosting Options

Can hosting affect the speed of a website? 

Of course, because the speed of hosting can affect the increase in SEO rankings to the value of online business sales (if a website is an online business website) belongs to us.

Check Speed

First, check the speed of your website on GTmetrix or Google Page Speed ​​Insights. 

Don't get excited when you see a high number, because 100/100 is a bit unrealistic. 

But on the contrary, we should not be pessimistic if the value shown is unsatisfactory.

Image Dimension Optimization

Every article or content that we upload always needs an image to make it easier for SEO to optimize. 

After using the right theme, remember to also optimize the image that we will upload.

There are two ways that we can do to reduce the image that we will upload, namely:

Manual Way

You can do this yourself by reducing the pixel dimensions or compressing the uploaded image to your posts or content.

We can use various tools such as Tiny JPG to reduce images, use Photoshop to reduce image pixel dimensions, or photo editing features owned by WordPress.

The following are steps that we can apply to reduce the pixel dimensions of images in WordPress.

  • Select "Media" in the menu on the wordpress Admin primary page. Next we will be shown to a blend of images that we have uploaded first. Select the photo you want to reduce.
  • At the top right is a description of the displayed image. Click Edit Images.
  • Change the dimension number on the top right, then click Scale. For example, we change the number 1440×697 to 600×290. After that, don't forget to click the "Save" button at the bottom of the image.
  • Done!

If done correctly, the dimensions of the image in our article should now be reduced by pixels.

Direct/ Automatic Way

This direct method can really help us in optimizing an image that we will upload for the purposes of a content.

But first, make sure your website uses the activated LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin.

It's called automatic because you only need to send an image optimization request to the LiteSpeed ​​center, after that the images that are still on your website have been optimized directly.

Here's how to speed up a website using image optimization via LiteSpeed ​​Cache that we can learn:

  • Visit the WordPress Admin primary page. Hover over the LiteSpeed ​​Cache menu, then select Image Optimization.
  • Click Send Optimization Request then you just have to wait until the images on your website are optimized.

Perform Periodic CMS System Update

If you use wordpress, maybe Kit often sees this notification on the CMS primary page. Don't ignore this notification too often.

If you're not in a rush or busy, try taking a minute to run a check on the active plugins on your website, as system and plugin updates can have a huge impact too.

I speed in the website anyway.

Use Widgets as Necessary

We don't need to put all the widgets until our website looks full, because it can harm both parties, both the website and visitors, because they will have difficulty accessing the content on our website.

Besides that, you don't need to embed it into your social media, just attach a logo followed by a link to your social media.


That's how to speed up a website that we can apply to our website.

Besides speed, website security and quality content are also the main aspects that cause the increase in the number of visitors on our website.

Another thing that is no less important is in choosing or choosing a hosting provider, make sure your website uses cloud hosting that is super fast so that the speed of website hosting is no longer an obstacle for you.

That's a review of Easy Ways To Speed ​​Up Websites, hopefully it can be useful.


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