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A web hosting service is an internet service that provides server resources for rent that allows organizations or individuals to place information on the internet in the form of HTTP, FTP, EMAIL, or DNS. [Wikipedia].

Understanding Hosting

Pertama GoBlog - Hosting is a location or medium for storing data in the form of text, images or videos.

Quoted from Wikipedia, Web hosting is a service for users that is useful for storing information, images, videos and some other content that will be accessed via the website.

Okay, now try to imagine you open a website on a computer or smartphone screen.

Have you ever thought about where the website is stored? Where are the pictures and website scripts actually placed?

Well, all website scripts are stored in a place called Hosting.

So, the definition of hosting is a location to store website files in the form of writing, images, videos, programming code and so on.

It's easier this way, the website is considered as a building. The building will be erected on a plot of land that has been plotted with a certain size.

Well, that piece of land can be called Hosting.

Then what is a domain? Domain is the address of the building (website).

Domain will lead visitors to go to a plot of land (hosting), which has been erected a building (website).

Then what is the real form of hosting? Hosting is a server with the best technology.

Hosting is provided by a hosting service provider.

There are several types of hosting services, namely Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Colocation Server.

Usually for standard websites, only use Shared Hosting.

While the domain is usually in the form of a domain name and its extension.

For example my website (dot) com, my website (dot) id and so on.

There are various domain extensions such as .COM, .ID, .SPACE, .NET and many more that you can choose from.

Hosting Functions

After understanding hosting you understand, now is the time for you to know what can be done with hosting.

Here are some things you can do:

Creating a Website

Yes of course! Once you have hosting, you can create your dream website.

Websites can be stored and placed on the hosting server.

You can create a website from scratch or create your own website.

Creating an Online Store

Usually after the understanding of hosting is known to the customer, there are many questions to the Support Team about how to create an online store.

Well, indeed an online store is one of the things that business people want.

With the online store, their business becomes more known to the public.

The more people who know the products they sell, the more revenue they will get.

Create Professional Email

If you have a domain and hosting, you can create a professional email.

What is professional email?

Professional email is an email with the name of the company / own name.

So, for those of you who are still using email with the suffix gmail or yahoo, you can immediately create an email with your own domain.

For example, support@pertamagoblog(dot)com or support@mydomainname(dot)com.

What are the advantages?

The advantage is that you become more professional and are not considered a fake company.

Improve Website Performance

If you have hosting, you can improve website performance.

At DomaiNesia, you can increase website speed with several features such as Memcached Instance, WordPress Accelerator, CloudFlare and Imunify360.

Protecting Website with SSL

Well, the website must be protected to avoid some malware, viruses, spam indications and DDOS attacks.

For that, with hosting you can install SSL on Hosting. SSL is the security fence of the website.

Choose Cheap and Best Hosting

Because hosting is very important, then make no mistake in choosing hosting! At the beginning, the definition of hosting has been explained.

And now it's time for you to choose the right hosting and "fit" for the needs of the website.

Quoted from CNET, Adam Berry, a Digital Director at Wingard Creative said that the best hosting must meet the 3S, namely "Speed, Support, and Security".

Speed ​​is related to hosting technology in processing websites.

Make sure you know the type of server, the technology used by the server, the storage media (using SSD or not) and the operating system used.

Support is related to the services provided by the hosting provider, for example the response of the support team in dealing with customers, 24-7 support, and so on.

In terms of security, always look at the security features you have, do you have a data backup feature and so on.

There are several domestic and foreign hosting service providers that you can choose from.

Each service provider has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, if you are hindered by language, it is better to choose a cheap Indonesian hosting provider.

If there is an error on the website, of course it will be easier to handle it.

That's an explanation of Hosting, from start to definition, function, and how to choose the right and cheap hosting.

May be useful.


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