How to Blogging Well: Tips for Beginner Bloggers

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How to Blogging Well

Pertama GoBlog - Blogging activity who does not know? Blogging activities are very popular in Indonesia, even in the world. 

In fact, blogging has become a mandatory activity for some bloggers. Various kinds of activities can be done in the blog itself. 

From sharing knowledge, news, writing online diaries, posting videos, business, and much more. 

Usually, other users can leave comments on the blog page so that it can create interaction between the blog owner and visitors.

Many people have tried blogging, but don't understand what it actually does, so they stop blogging.

There are many reasons why people don't continue blogging, whether it's because they are bored, can't find ideas for articles, don't find fun, don't find friends, and several other reasons.

In this article, the admin will give some tips for beginner bloggers so they can create a good blog.

Below are some tips for beginner bloggers:

Give Your Opinion

The majority of people on the internet are very fond of reading blogs because usually blogs contain opinions from the blog owner and it turns out that they really like reading other people's opinions compared to writings made by companies.

Therefore, do not be afraid to express your own opinion.

Give A Link

Support the results of your writing with links from other websites that can support your writing, including cross-news, as an additional reference to your article or also as a source of your writing.

Give a Short Writing

Don't use too many words. The shorter your writing, the better because most people on the internet are usually lazy to read long articles.

However, you must make writing that is clear and on target and easy to understand or understand by internet users.

Just 250 Words

To limit the number of words from the previous point, try your writing no more than 250 words. Even if it's more than 250 words that's even better.

Create a Title That Contains the Core of Your Blog

Write the essence of your writing in the blog title. Make people interested and understand at a glance about the contents of your blog just by reading the title.

Edit Your Post

Re-read your writing before you post. Don't let you give wrong information or your writing doesn't flow.

Be consistent in blogging

These tips are the most important. After they are satisfied with your blog, they will definitely follow your blog faithfully.

Therefore, you must remain consistent in writing so as not to be abandoned by your loyal readers.


By creating a quality blog, you can be sure that your blog will be visited by many people or internet users.

By being visited, they can be sure that they will leave comments and usually these comments contain suggestions that can make you more advanced.

With responses from other users, you can be sure your blogging life will be more alive and passionate again.

Welcome to the world of blogging.

Hopefully it can be useful.


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