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Pertama GoBlog - Blogging is an activity of managing a web log or blog, in terms of adding content in the form of text and images on a regular basis.

In other words, the notion of blogging in the world of the web is an activity carried out by a person in managing and developing a website or his blog properly, so that it can be visited by many people.

In another sense, blogging is the activity of writing and managing a blog by utilizing digital tools available on the internet so that bloggers can write, share, and link content easily.

Blogging activity began in the early 2000s when a number of blogs with political content emerged.

A few moments later, a how-to and tutorial-themed blog appeared.

Blogs are different from journalistic activities.

In fact, the line that separates the two activities is becoming clearer in recent times.

In short, it can be said that blogging is a blogging activity carried out by bloggers.

‘From “Web logs.” A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger”.

From the above understanding, blogging is the activity of updating a blog or managing (designing and filling) a blog.

Blogging is generally done using free blog platforms, such as Blogger ( and WordPress (

However, professional bloggers generally use their own domain name and hosting.

Since its inception until now, blogging is very popular.

It's just that, the question is why blogging can be this famous?

Initially blogging was a mainstream platform for news and information.

Just like newspapers that appeared before the presence of Blogs, although the level of convenience offered is different, blogging is developing faster comparatively.

Information updates that are carried out continuously and bloggers can follow blogs that match their interests and hobbies are two of the reasons why people blog.

The existence of a blog makes it easier for readers to follow information, rather than having to flip through newsprint.

Blog 'awakening' provides an opportunity for people who want to create something new.

Think of a blog as a diary that you want to show off to your friends.

Blogging (Indonesian term for blogging) must be done almost every time to find out the existence of the blog owner.

Also to find out the extent to which the Blog is maintained (changed the template) or added articles.

Now there are more than 10 million blogs that can be found on the internet, and still growing, because today there are lots of software, tools, and other internet applications that make it easier for bloggers (as blog owners) to maintain their blogs.

In addition to maintaining and continuing to update their blogs, new bloggers still often do blogwalking, which is the activity of bloggers leaving links on other people's blogs or sites while leaving comments.

Blogwalking is an activity where you stop by other blogs with various specific purposes.

Usually blogwalking is done when bloggers are looking for ideas for content on their blogs.

However, not infrequently blogwalking is used as a way to socialize with other bloggers.

How do bloggers do this blogwalking activity?

First, they will visit various Blogs that suit their purpose.

To be precise, blogs with similar topics or a niche with their blogs.

Plus it has high popularity as evidence of the content on the Blog attracting readers.

Second, bloggers will see various useful articles and leave messages in the comments column.

This step is certainly a way to build a discussion with the blog owner or other readers.

In addition to gaining new knowledge, they can expand networking between bloggers.

The following are the benefits of blogwalking:

  • As a Media to Build a Relationship
  • As a way to promote a free blog
  • As a medium, or how to get backlinks
  • As a medium to get a lot of visitors
  • As a medium for sharing knowledge
  • Source of inspiration in making articles.

That's a brief discussion about Blogging and Blogwalking, hopefully it can be useful.

Thank you.

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