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Pertama GoBlog - Back again with the Pertama GoBlog Blog Admin, we hope the information we present can be useful.

On this occasion the Admin will share article information about Getting to Know 2 SEO Techniques and Optimization.

As we all know, SEO has 2 (two) techniques, namely:

  • On-page SEO and
  • Off-page SEO.

It should also be noted that SEO is a very widespread and huge topic that is developing very quickly according to developments in the Google algorithm.

Almost every year, SEO techniques can change according to the algorithms set by Google.

However, there are 2 things that have always been true from the past until now, there are 2 basic things about SEO that even though times have changed, these 2 things have never changed and the admin doesn't think they will change.

Relevance, so Google is a search engine, what they do is provide the most relevant results to their users because they are a search engine.

What happens if Google can't display relevant search results? In the end Google will be abandoned by its users.

And if many users switch from Google, Google will lose visitors. If Google loses visitors, it means Google will also lose advertising.

Even though 80% - 90% of the income generated by Google comes from advertising.

And Search Engines are the type of business most controlled by Google, covering most of Google's share.

Google does have browsers, products, and many others.

But 80%-90% of the source of income comes from SEARCH ENGINE.

So Google will try to find out how to produce relevant results for its users.

So, actually SEO is not as complicated as you might think, in fact it is actually simple if you understand it.

Next, let's go straight to the topic of discussion, because remembering that you already knew based on the explanation above, the most important thing is relevance.

And, there are 2 types of SEO, the first is On-page SEO, namely relevance, and the second is Off-page SEO, this is Google's way of measuring relevance but based on votes.

So the admin will explain one by one, please take a look.

1). Carry out On-Page SEO Optimization

The first thing the admin will straighten out a little is that what can land on Search Engines is the page.

So stop optimizing your site's homepage but optimize the site pages that you have.

How can we make our pages relevant? follow the following things below:

So for on-page SEO this includes several things, the admin is sure there is more than what the admin wrote here, but for now you just need to understand this first, and the admin is sure this is 80% of everything.

  • Meta Description, Title Tag, and Heading Tag
  • Emphasize
  • Image alt tags
  • Outbound links
  • Content
  • Permalink

So, those are the 6 important points of On-page SEO Optimization. So don't forget that you can optimize the points above on the blog or website that you manage or own.

2). Perform Off-Page SEO Optimization

The next technique, this is Google's way of measuring the relevance of our site based on votes from other sites.

What is meant by Vote is that the more other sites that link to our site, the more Google will view/ assess our site as more trustworthy.

Why is that? because other sites trust our site so they want to link to our site.

Therefore, Google also places trust in us if we have lots of backlinks.

And next, Off-page SEO consists of:

  • Backlinks
  • Blog promotion
  • Social buzz


So, these backlinks have their own art or technique too, there is the Anchor text thing.

The more anchor text that leads to your blog or website, the easier it will be for your blog or website to master keywords with that text.

Maybe you are still confused by the admin's statement above?

For example, if there are 2 articles with the same keyword, the first one gets 1000 anchor text and the second one gets 2000 anchor text.

So the second article will probably get a better position than the first.

So, Anchor Text is the text that we see when we click on a link.

An example of Anchor Text is as below:


The word Google above is the anchor text, while is the target link.

What is good Anchor Text?

Good anchor text on a link is usually related to the content of the link itself.

Good anchor text certainly makes readers know where the link will take them surfing.

And most importantly, Anchor Text also has an effect on search engines.

Search engines are more interested in displaying links that are relevant to the keywords being searched for and this Anchor Text will be very helpful.

Moreover, the Anchor Text is related to the content in the link.

So, don't use Anchor Text that is not related to the link, such as clicking to download a game, clicking to view a blog, and many more.

Why is that wrong? because the anchor text is not relevant to the link it is aiming for.

It's better to use optimal Anchor text, how do you do it? It's easy, basically visitors can know what page they are referring to.

Blog Promotion in Off-Page Optimization

There are so many ways to promote a website or blog.

Blog promotion is useful for increasing visitors (visitors) to your blog/website and subsequently popularizing the blog or website that you manage or own.

Social Buzz

The more people who like your page on Facebook, the more people who share your articles, the higher your page ranking will be on Google.

Because Google will view the page as a trusted page.

Why is that? because there is a lot of social buzz for that page.

That was the information about Off-Page SEO, the admin feels that Off-Page SEO is just that, just backlinks, promotions and social buzz.

There are many types of backlinks, there are forum backlinks, backlinks from guest posts, and so on.

Maybe that's all the discussion admin can explain about the 2 (two) types of SEO, namely On-page and Off-page.

By reading this article, hopefully you can understand and immediately try to put it into practice.

However, SEO optimization does not always run smoothly and smoothly as we expect.

Because, every change in the Google algorithm will change the SEO structure too.

Hopefully this article about Getting to Know 2 SEO Techniques and Optimization can be useful for you and thank you for coming and reading this article.

Thank You.

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